2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI Concept, Specs Release Date

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2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI Concept, Specs Release Date – with full information about 2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI specs, picture, prices and release date for US, UK, Canada and Australia. 2016 Mitsubishi EVO is a new car that will come with a few surprises. This new generation will have a major redesign that will affect every aspect of the vehicle. The new car will not use the Lancer platform again. With this in mind, we should expect both models to parts and have nothing in common than now. In addition, both exterior and interior will suffer radical change and received quite an improvement. Unfortunately, the manufacturer refused to disclose specifics about the next generation of this model, so there is not much reliable information about the performance or the details of the design. Production of the car will begin in July this year, so it will likely be released next year in the United States. Until then, we can only speculate how amazing surprises Mitsubishi is preparing us. We believe, though, regardless of the details, that it will be absolutely breathtaking.


2016 Mitsubishi EVO Concept

2016 Mitsubishi EVO will have a new platform, as we said before. The idea for this car looks based on the famous Mitsubishi Concept-RA. Of course, you should not expect each and every part of this model is based on this concept, but the main line and will follow the general idea of the basic elements in the concept of RA. Some small details here and there, tweak and allowances will make a difference and maybe set this model apart from its competitors. There are some simple announcement from Mitsubishi company said that this car will have improved handling and outstanding technology. This means we may be able to hope for a more futuristic interior, lots of gadgets and systems and increased performance.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Specs

2016 Mitsubishi EVO will have a combination of diesel and electric powertrain. With so much time and effort invested in this model, we hope to have a fantastic fuel economy and better performance than the previous generation. This car will use a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline. The electric motor, this car will have two electric engines most likely paired with a lithium-ion battery. Moreover, it is said that this powertrain will be capable of producing 500 horsepower. If this is true, then this car is really going to have an amazing performance. All of this should be increased with improved handling and system super All-Wheel Control.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Release Date

2016 Mitsubishi EVO will be present at the beginning of 2016 this car will be present in the United States market. It will be car class competitors. We hope that this car will be popular and in demand.

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