2016 Lamborghini Veneno Price, New Design And Cool

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2016 Lamborghini Veneno Price, New Design And Cool – with full information about 2016 Lamborghini Veneno specs, picture, prices and release date for US, UK, Canada and Australia. 2016 lamborghini veneno is offered as exclusive sport car. All people who like to be young and cool need to buy this car. The style of this car is extremely different with other sport cars. All men with high class style will choose to buy this car to attract people’s eye when you are in the road. Most people talk about price of this car but when you check all best things that you will get in this car, you never feel bad to pay higher price for this car. Before you buy this new Lamborghini product, you better check detail information about design and also performance of this car.


Design Of 2016 Lamborghini Veneno


2016 lamborghini veneno will be made with three versions. You can choose car with metallic gray color for the exterior. All cars will be made with metallic gray color and you are free to combine metallic gray color with three color options such as red, white and also green. Most people call this car as aggressive and also strongest car in the world. Lamborghini tries to cut the weight of this car. When it is reduced in weight, 2016 Lamborghini Veneno will be able to produce more power. We can compare with the previous Lamborghini and we can find the differences in power. This exotic car is not only made with better exterior design. When we check the interior design of this car, we will be able to get best interior look. All people who drive this car will feel so happy to drive or enjoy journey with this car. We should not talk about design of this car only but we must check specification of this car to know the real performance of this car.

Engine System Of 2016 Lamborghini Veneno

New Lamborghini Veneno is made with 6.5L and V12 engine system. This engine system helps this car to produce 750 Hp and also 509 lb ft. Transmission system that is offered in this car is seven-speed manual transmission. You don’t get automatic transmission version in this car. This car will be able to reach first 60 mph only with 2.8 seconds. It is called as fastest supercar for all men. The top speed of this car is 220 mph. Having supercar will make you feel so proud. You must know and choose best supercar that you need. This car can be chosen as best choice and you better prepare lots of money to buy this car. 2016 lamborghini veneno will be sold around $ 4,000,000.

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